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Story of Data-Centric Designers

Studio Farzi

An Innovative Architectural and Interior Design Firm with Sharpened Focus on Cultural Needs and Advancing User Experience for Clients Around the World.

Studio Farzi is a Design & Architecture Team that does not simply decorate and adorn; it designs life. It disregards passing trends and fads, placing human existence at the core of essential environmental changes. We intertwine design with life, finding common ground by studying the lifestyle of our clients. From there, we transform these shared aspects into forms, textures, lines, and colors. Ultimately, forms hold no meaning if they fail to connect with life.

Our primary approach to obtaining this depth of awareness before any design is a data-driven methodology based on gathering and analyzing information. That’s why we refer to ourselves as data-centric designers. Across all three domains of quality, price, and time, we provide transparent and consistent information that will be useful before, during, and after the design and construction process, ensuring customer satisfaction.

To learn more about the nature and style of our work, we invite you to explore our projects.